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February 2012
This issue:
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Save the Date - March 9th @ Oberon
Other Shows ATKM Members are in!
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Hey ATKM Fans and Freaks!
Happy New Year!

While we're not quite qualified to say for sure if the world is going to end, we can confidently make a plethora of solid near-future predictions in this tasty newsletter.

One of which is our gay and grand return to the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MA over Memorial Weekend (more details & ticket info to come!) We also have new merchandise just in time for Valentine's Day. Hey, it's only February so you could still get our 2012 Ten Year Commemorative Calendar and have our fun faces in YOUR face for very close to an entire year!!!

Oh, and one more thing.
We demand cake, candles and creepy balloon animals.
That's right. We said it.

All The Kings Men is turning 10 YEARS OLD this April, and you better believe we're going to make a stink about it (and we don't mean in our Depends). We will be back performing for you at our favorite local haunt on March 9, so mark your calendars (Your ATKM calendars, that is) and keep your peepers peeled for more details to be announced soon!

And finally, we'd like to direct your attention to a new and hilarious comedy show by our very own Julee and Petey taking place this Tuesday in good ol' Cambridge, MA.
Additionally, there are a ton of exciting upcoming productions Karin is in...
And did we mention that Leighsa stars in movies?...
And that Maria lives in Vermont now?...
And that Katie is a dragon slayer (fus do RAH!)?..
And that Mary Dolan is in an upcoming show?
You better recognize.

Come out! Come out! ...Wherever you are!

All The Kings Manicotti

New MERCH! we mentioned, we have;


Hot off the press and into your eager hands just in time for the next commercial holiday, Valentine's Day. The one sad day put aside for those certain people who don't realize love can be a 24 hour/365 day affair.

Sexy 2012 Calendars, Soft & Delightful T-shirts, and More!

Go here;

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ATKM @ Oberon - March 9th

We just got word and we are sending it out to you first! Just in time, while we are still but 9 years old, we return to Oberon in Harvard Square for our first local show since October. We are so excited to be back performing for you in what will certainly be one kick ass show. Many more details and ticket information coming soon, so be on the look out!

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Upcoming Shows ATKM
members are in!

THIS TUESDAY FEBRUARY 7 @ The Lizard Lounge!!!

Introducing The Gibson/Antonellis Comedy Hour*, a new show by two members of All The Kings Men.

For years people have been hounding Julee Antonellis (ATKM, Women In Comedy Festival, (N)everclear) for more solo work, including her brilliant stand-up comedy and sketches. For nearly as long, people have been telling Jill "Petey" Gibson (ATKM, The Mary Dolan Show, Bent Wit Cabaret) she should really do a show with Julee, who is "hysterical" and "better looking than you". If you can't listen to people, who can you listen to? Plants? That's for people on drugs. Drugs!

So... here it is! Finally! A stand-up, sketch, musical show featuring Julee and Petey, in a night of pure comedy gold. After 6 years as collaborators on various projects, these two comedians bring their best work to the grand well-lit stage of the basement of the Lizard Lounge. No humans are left untouched as they pull apart every type of trivial, rude, wrong thing that everyone else does. Julee and Petey? They are perfection! The rest of the world? Not so much.

So please do come. Petey's leaving for Los Angeles to train with The Groundlings this summer, and Julee will probably be rocketing to fame and glory directly after this production so... you really don't want to miss it. It will be special.

Thank you.

The Gibson/Antonellis Comedy Hour show premieres Tuesday, February 7 at the Lizard Lounge. Tickets run $15 in advance and at the door, and are available online at Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm, and seating is very limited.

*The show is actually two hours. We find all good comedy is based in lies, so we decided to go whole hog and start with the title of our show; that's how you know it's funny.


February 5: Welcome to Sparkletown!

If you would rather see pasties than scoreboards (and you're much more likely to score yourself at this event), come check out ATKM's own Karin Webb and Mary Dolan in "Welcome to Sparkletown!" Some of the best and brightest in the Boston Burlesque scene, all under one roof for one night only.
Be there - Oberon, 8pm show, tickets available at:


March 4: Here & Now II: Mortality

This is a small show in a smaller venue, so if you're keen on the "Mortality" theme get your tickets early! Karin will perform a piece for this show that has never been done before, will never be done again, and any traces of which will be burnt as an offering at the end of their post-show procession to the party... Gallery 263, 7pm show, tickets at:


March 16-17: Boston Tease Party presents BEAVER.

Karin's been "performing around" a bunch these days (typical), and has gotten herself involved in the wicked world of "Beaver"! If you missed the first run last summer, you have a chance to enjoy satire at it's height, and comedy at it's most outrageous... and if you DID see it already, you probably want to see it again (especially with Karin in the cast!)... We're at the Somerville Theater, 8pm, tickets available at:

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